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How Often You Should Buy New Tires for Car

The rule of thumb is to buy new tires for car every 6 years, after every 40,000 miles, or when the tire is damaged beyond repair. The operable age of any tire can be shorter or longer, depending on your driving style, climate, and tire maintenance provided. Regardless, no tire should be used if it’s 10 years old or more.

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For example, if the tread wear indicators peek through some spots but not all the way around, or if you happen to see areas where the tire surface is inconsistent with the overall wear, you need…

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Spare tyres that are six years or older should only be used in an emergency. A tyre that is 10 years old should be replaced. Do my tyres really need replacing? Some mechanics and tyre men will tell you your tyres need replacing by simply looking at them and telling you they’re worn. Don’t take their word for it, check them yourself. Visually inspect them for wear and damage, and check …

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Know the three major factors: tread wear, exposure to heat and tire age – and you’ll know when to get new tires. Why worry about tread wear? It’s all about your safety. With good treads, your car will drive better on the road. When tire treads are worn, your vehicle may be unable to handle weather conditions like rain and snow. Worn treads can also make other parts of your car wear …

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Tire Replacement Guide: Why & When You Should Replace Your Tires

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In this post, we’ll discuss the factors that determine when you need to change the tires on your car. These are simple tips to bear in mind when estimating when your tires need to be replaced. Five Years . Once you’ve used your tires for five years or more, have them inspected thoroughly at least once a year by a professional. Ten Years is Pushing It. If you haven’t replaced your tires