2022 Peugeot 508 to Introduce New Variant

2022 Peugeot 508 – The brand new Peugeot 508 2022 is 4 years on from its debut and the next generation of 508 will look like its model. Apart from aesthetic improvements, which are anticipated to be mainly in the bow and the hood, the Sochaux model will see a complete overhaul of its engines as well as the updating of its technology.

2022 Peugeot 508 Redesign
2022 Peugeot 508 Redesign

In the year 2018, Peugeot changed everything to keep his car on the road. In a segment that was slipping into disuse, and enduring the burden of competition from SUVs the sluggish 508 has stepped up its offerings by adopting aesthetics of lower-profile Mercedes CLA sedans, in favor of dynamism, even if that requires sacrificing certain practical features, particularly regards to access to rear seats. However, it’s great to swap out the narrow trunk opening to the wide tailgate, which is more inviting.

2022 Peugeot 508 Review

Although Peugeot 508 excels in the French market with regards to sales, global numbers are still very low. After selling nearly 60,000 units in the first year that it was fully loaded, it saw that figure fall nearly by half in the year before, with only 32,194 units finding buyers. In comparison to the French market, for instance, over 45,000 Peugeot 3008s were purchased in the year 2021 even though it took an increase of 38% in comparison to the year before.

The 508 has had mixed sales results. 508, despite the awe-inspiring score it has, particularly after the introduction of its top-performance version known as PSE. Peugeot hopes to enhance the image of its car due to the 360 horsepower plug-in hybrid that powers it to compete against the best brands in the premium market along the Rhine. Much like the French manufacturer is still adamant about its performance but will not save the opportunity to make a facelift at the mid-point of its career.


in 2022, a Peugeot 508 sporting a new bow is anticipated. Similar to the 308 models the 508 will be able to expand the “mouth” more to place the new Lion at the top of its grille. This will mean the overhaul of the shield however it may not be the case with its optics due to budgetary considerations. But, it will be shifted to the matrix technology that includes LED and will be upgraded. The flanks will also be covered by there will be a Peugeot coat of arms that could be a part of the front fenders, sporting a high-end finish, while wheels with a different design will be seen. In the rear, changes will be more subdued. The bottom of the shield can be changed in addition to the design of the interior lighting.


While onboard, do not think that you will experience any movements. Its new Lion will be able to move itself to the center on the steering wheel and the touch screen in the center will be able to expand its diagonal and it will also incorporate a powerful multimedia device. The driver’s eyes will be on it, and the cockpit Amplified screen could adopt the 3D technology introduced by the Peugeot 208. If the house engineers would favor the heads-up displays the augmented reality of its siblings (new DS4 and Citroen C5 X). Whatever the case it is expected that the brand updated Peugeot 508 will further enhance its security arsenal, specifically by expanding the capabilities of autonomous driving.

2022 Peugeot 508 Interior
2022 Peugeot 508 Interior


The question is whether Peugeot will revive the tumultuous PSE model is yet to be determined during this revamp. Perhaps, by the time next year rolls around the athlete on the catalog is going to have found a target regardless of the EUR 67,100 she’s seeking at the very least. If it does happen to drop its 360 horsepower plug-in hybrid, we’ve already learned that it will broaden the plug-in hybrid offering by offering a lower-end cumulating model that is reasonable 180 hp and will be in addition to the block currently claiming 225 horsepower. In the case of thermal engines, it’s to be anticipated it will abandon diesel when the majority of its gasoline options will be converted in 48V light hybridization.

2022 Peugeot 508 Specs
2022 Peugeot 508 Specs

2022 Peugeot 508 Price

The upcoming changes to the 508 car will surely improve the SW estate’s design. The new look of the two Franche-Comte is expected to be unveiled in 2022 the time that marketing takes place in the fall with a base estimate to be approximately EUR 36,000.