New 2022 Mercedes-Benz EQS Pricing Revealed

2022 Mercedes-Benz EQS – Its 2022 Mercedes-Benz QS Class sedan is an essential mining canary. The electronic car is the best-selling model for the brand Mercedes-EQ. It is the brand new segment of Mercedes that is devoted to electric vehicles. It’s the first cannon shot in history, the one that paves the way for the electric SUVs and electric cars to come, ranging from the tiny Mercedes EQA subcompact SUV to an electric version of the legendary Mercedes G-wagon. At a macro level, the EQS is a massive investment in how electrification will evolve soon. no one is going to be watching its performance more carefully than Daimler the CEO Ola Kallenius. On a micro-level, the EQS is a contender for an eye on Tesla Model S and newcomer Lucid Air squarely in its sights.

2022 Mercedes EQS
2022 Mercedes EQS

The EQS is, in all likelihood, the most important vehicle of the past decade, and is reimagining what the future holds for mobility the president and chief executive officer of Mercedes-Benz USA Dimitris Psillakis said even though he may be biased. The first time we had the chance to take a spin into our 2022 Mercedes EQS450+ and ESQ580 in Switzerland. We now get to drive these U.S.-spec cars back home to our home in the San Francisco Bay area which is the home of the type of technological advancement that these EVs are a part of in addition to those who have the cash and money to spend it on something as luxurious and electric. With such a powerful engine to go, fantastic rear-wheel steering, and the relaxation with air suspension, the EVS allowed lounging with your head resting on the cushion of the headrest and taking in the view. Although the EQS comes with a wealth of exciting tech as well as the huge tri-display hyper screen of 56 inches that runs across the dash, the initial attempt isn’t flawless.

2022 Mercedes-Benz EQS Review

Let’s get started with the main issue Shape and design. Mercedes sedans, particularly the large models, are renowned for their large hoods and traditional proportions. The EQS family goes in a different direction, adopting a cab-forward-appearing design, which looks a bit blob-ish with its short hood and overhang, and high cowl. Its grille is replaced by the new look that is a part of Mercedes EVs that revolves around a unibody panel that has three-pointed stars and together with the headlights, it is called”EQ Mask. “EQ Mask.” The style originates from its “one bow” design of the F 015’s 2015 autonomous concept, which has a low hood, pushing into the ground, according to Mercedes-Benz Research and Development North America’s vice-president of design Sylvain Wehnert. Achieving the desired sleek and sporty lines results in a smaller rear window, as well as the challenge of looking over the high and deep dashboard–strangely, you don’t sit that far forward, but rather set back as in an S-Class.

If this is the modern style that the brand wanted to use to distinguish itself from traditional, classically designed vehicles that have internal combustion motors, the mission is completed. Wehnert claimed he was seeking the unimaginable X factor by zigzagging the design. This 2022 Mercedes-Benz S-Class is available to those who prefer traditional luxury. Another whiff? Lacking an engine will free up space under the hood, which many other EVs convert into a frunk or storage area in the front. Unfortunately, the EQS is not able to do this. The space is filled with a HEPA filter to ensure air quality inside the cabin. It is secured by bolts to ensure that the car is dependent on the space for cargo, which is 63 cubic feet. space that is available when you open up the back hatch. None of the upcoming EVs using the EVA platform will feature any trunks, either.


The EQS runs on the latest EVA2 design, which is Mercedes is the first specially-designed EV platform. It is a skateboard-style vehicle filled with batteries, which is the reason for that high body height as well as the high-seating rear-seat passengers. The car is expected to launch within North America with a 107.8-kwh battery. Other markets come with the smaller 90 kwh battery however there is no plan to launch that for sale in the U.S. “Base” EQS450+ models which are the subject of this review, feature rear-wheel drive. The single motor is located in the back. It’s rated at 329 horsepower and 419 pounds of torque. Mercedes claims will take it from 0-60 mph in 5.9 seconds. Its power is sufficient for highway-passing and lively driving, and it is well-mannered when it comes to its performance The EQS580 4Matic is equipped with all-wheel drive thanks to an additional motor that is mounted to the front. The 580 is said to be able to achieve 60 miles per hour in 4.1 seconds, thanks to its 516 horsepower and 631 lb-ft of torque. This is the one that will throw you back into the head cushion as you press the pedal. It is only imaginable for the high endorphins to be released in the early part of 2022 thanks to the Mercedes-AMG EQS that has 649 horsepower and 725 lb-ft of torque on tap.


The EQS450+ comes with an EPA-rated range of around 350 miles on just one charge. Its EQS580 is slightly lower than 340 miles and falls far short that of Model S’ 396-405 miles of range. The EQS is a slippery model that has an EQS drag coefficient of 0.20. This impressive figure was made possible thanks to the combination of some factors, including the design, the smooth underbody, and sleek front and aerodynamic wheel spoilers, and the power-retracting door handles. We’re hoping that the door handles’ will be worth the effort as the mechanism takes some time to get used to and could cause frustration to owners if they don’t open.

A choice lets you program the driver’s door to open automatically when you drive by and close when you press the brake or make the gesture of a hand. Doors powered by electricity can be controlled from the central screen or making use of or using the “Hey Mercedes” voice assistant. If you have to close doors manually since there is no handle inside that you can pull when seated. You have to grasp the entire width that the armrest. The EQS is a vehicle that rides on regular air suspension, with electronically-adjusted dampers, similar to the S-Class. Here is the place where the analogy of an electric sofa is brought to life. The ride is smooth and cushiony in a quiet cabin. The sofa also comes with pillows for all headrests. Relax and relax, crank the Burmester stereo, which has 15 speakers, activate the massage with hot stones, and enable the driver to assist and glide along the highway effortlessly.

Steering and Braking

It also has rear-wheel steering and is awe-inspiring in its precision and the ability to shoot and point this car with incredible speed. The rear wheels can turn by 10 degrees, which improves the handling. The rear wheels move to the side to the fronts to ease the car out of tight areas and reduce the turning radius to the size of the compact car with a turning circle of 35.8 feet. When the speed increases, the rear wheels rotate in tandem with the front wheels to create a stabilizing effect.

Braking can be a problem for electric vehicles since they use traditional and regenerative brakes. The EQS includes a moveable brake, meaning that the pedal is moved through a portion of the stroke to equal how much braking occurs by regen. It sounds amazing The pedal is put into the position it is expected to be used for manual brakes that is fully prepared for further mechanical brakes. In the EQS, you can adjust the amount of regen by turning one from the two paddles located on your steering wheel. This will select “normal recuperation,” “increased recuperation,” and “intelligent recuperation,” which is an auto mode that functions as an adaptive cruise. It slows down automatically when it detects cars or other objects that are in its path response to the case of a curve or a slower speed, it will bring it to a stop. car to a stop, if needed. In the EQS where recuperation is set to its most aggressive setting, the brake pedal is lowered deeper in the footwell. the additional travel may be a bit jarring (where’d I put that pedal where’d I put it?) and can make the brakes feel like they are spongy. Sometimes, the combination of regen and acceleration in the auto mode could result in a ride that seems like the vehicle is going through a rapid descent and rebound due to the various inputs. The brakes work great with the EQS, but it isn’t as if it feels that way. There will likely be some learning curves to help drivers used to and be comfortable with a mushy brake.


The 2022 EQS includes the most up-to-date safety technology such as Level 2 semi-automated driver aids that proved their value during a long stretch of traffic that was stopped and go that didn’t require to use the pedals or steering wheel to advance by inches at one time. For lane-keep assist, you’ll need to go to the touchscreen to activate it and after that, it’s easy to activate, along with adaptive cruise, by pressing an option located on your steering wheel. Touch the turn signal then the car will perform a lane change automatically for you, in any direction. It was seamless, however, should you press the stalk too hard, you’ll need to switch off the blinker manually once the lane change is completed.


This 2022 EQS450+ model we drove was sticker-free at $117,460. It featured a gorgeous gray interior, with a blend of Alcantara and clamshell-style perforated leather seats, gray wood trim, and strips of copper, elegantly concealing the air vents and also copper stitching. The EQS580 that we tried for $127,645 blended with brown Alcantara and cream seats. The visual contrast was breathtaking. It has a clever and nearly concealed storage underneath the console in the middle, and 2 of 10(!) USB-C ports. The main attraction is the Hyperscreen’s 56-inch width that is a concave glass screen that extends across the dashboard. It features 3 integrated OLED screens, including the 17.7-inch infotainment touchscreen. The screen that is in front of the driver can play films from Europe, Taiwan, and some other countries (with the sound coming via headphones) if the seat’s bottom and seatbelts confirm that the presence of an additional passenger. The screen dims when the eye-monitoring camera detects that the driver snooping around. This feature has not been yet approved for use in the U.S. so it is simply a duplicate of the main touchscreen. The Hyperscreen is available on the 580 and is a $7,200 option is available on the more powerful 450+.

2022 Mercedes EQS Interior
2022 Mercedes EQS Interior

The standard dashboard of the 450+ looks similar in design to the 2021 Mercedes-Benz S-Class, with an upper screen that rises across the dashboard, similar to ramps. It’s a more basic design of a similar screen found in the Jeep Grand Cherokee L that is a cascade that falls from the dashboard. The EQS features a 12.3-inch display for the instrument cluster. The standard model has there’s no screen in front of the seat. The dash is just a blank trim. It sets the mood with the ambient lighting system, which includes a fifteen-speaker, Burmester audio system, as well as the 10 programs for massage. The car will utilize lighting and temperature to ensure that the driver is alert and every EQS comes with the ability to scent the ventilation system that emits an individual scent. All screens are running the most recent MBUX software, which includes features like the “Hey Mercedes” digital assistant and artificial intelligence technology that can learn the preferences and habits of the driver making adjustments, giving details, opening calendars, and putting your favorite massage to be activated when you get to home after a workout.


Mercedes customers will be able to access the 120,000 charge points throughout the U.S. The navigation system considers everything from live traffic updates to the topography, weather conditions, and driving habits when planning and altering your route to plan charging points. The software was created so that it is easy to plug it in and then leave. Billing is handled automatically using the credit card that is on the account. In addition, customers receive 30 minutes of free charge for their first 2 years. With a fast charger, the battery will go anywhere from 10 to 80 percent in just 31 minutes. The EQS can extend an additional 186 miles of range within 15 minutes. The Model S can add about 200 miles at the same time through the Tesla Supercharger.

2022 Mercedes EQS Redesign
2022 Mercedes EQS Redesign

2022 Mercedes-Benz EQS Release Date & Price

Its 2022 Mercedes EQS450+ starts at $103,360 for the Premium trim, with no Hyperscreen. Its 2022 Mercedes EQS580 begins at $120,160 but can go up to $126,360 for the highest pinnacle trim in the 580. Mercedes developed its EQS to become the “S” class of electric cars and set the benchmark for other EVs to be released in the future. The technology is amazing The power and rear-steering are top-quality, with some top-of-the-line features. The first test drive is closer to the E-Class of electric vehicles in our eyes. That’s not a complaint however our initial impression is that the issues we’ve noticed about the front and the brakes keep this from becoming the real benchmark Mercedes would have wanted it to be.