2022 Mercedes-AMG SL Debut With Introduce New Variant

2022 Mercedes-AMG SL – The Mercedes SL is a car that used to be a prominent figure in the eyes of the general public however, that’s not recently. The SL was once widely regarded as a car that symbolized success in its own right The SL’s shine diminished when it was replaced by the R230 generation, which debuted in 2002, and then the R231 generation, which was kicked away from the stage following 2020. Looking to shake off the gloom, the brand-new 2022 Mercedes-AMG SL alters the formula to make the most radical changes to date.

2022 Mercedes-AMG SL
2022 Mercedes-AMG SL

The new name suggests that the design of this new SL was passed over by an AMG division. The new SL introduces a brand-new AMG design and Mercedes affirms that nothing within the exterior of the new R232 model is inherited from the predecessor, or is shared with it. AMG GT roadster. The car will initially be available in two versions: the SL55 as well as the SL63 which both have the 4.0-liter turbocharged twin-turbo V-8. The first time it’s the engine will power all four wheels, since AMG’s 4Matic+ all-wheel drive comes as included in both versions.

2022 Mercedes-AMG SL New Design

The SL’s new design is smoother and more round with a bigger cabin, a less exaggerated length of the hood, and a longer, stubbier tail. The new SL is nearly 5 inches longer in between axles and the wheelbase increases by 101.7 and 106.3 inches. The overall length, however, is up by less than three inches to 185.2. The width is increased by one 1/8 of an inch up to 75.4 inches. Cargo capacity is roughly the same size as before with 8.5 cubic feet or 7.5 with the roof folded. Both models are equipped with 20-x-9-inch front wheels and 20-x-11.5-inch rear wheels. 21-inch wheels are available as an alternative.


The SL55 can be upgraded by a chrome package as well as the AMG Night package. Meanwhile, the SL63 comes with the AMG External Carbon Fiber option as well as the AMG Aerodynamics Package. This package features an active aero element inside the underbody of the engine which extends to boost downforce. All SLs have active louvers at the air intakes on the front, as well as an adjustable rear spoiler. On the outside, sporting its “Panamericana” vertical-bar grille, the new SL appears similar to the model that is currently in production, the AMG GT roadster, but it will undergo a redesign shortly and Mercedes design director Gorden Wagener is saying that once it does appear, “the difference [between the two cars] will be more.” While the previous two SL generations had an open hardtop that could be retracted, Mercedes has reverted to the classic soft top on the new car that marking a significant shift. As Wagener states, “If you start with a retractable hardtop again, you will get what you have right now, which is not appealing in my view.”

2022 Mercedes-AMG SL Review
2022 Mercedes-AMG SL Review

The roof made of three layers weighs just 46 pounds less than the earlier retractable hardtop and can be lowered or raised within 15 seconds, at speeds of up 37 mph. It also allows Mercedes to increase the size of the cabin of the SL without the requirement for an additional boot that could accommodate a large folding top. The expanded passenger compartment was wedged into a pair of rear jump seats, which was a feature that was last seen during the R107 model in the 1980s.


The cabin also has the digital instrument cluster as well as a huge center touchscreen however they’re not integrated into a single sheet of glass, as is the case with some Mercedes models. Instead, the SL utilizes separate screens like in the S-class. For the roadster, the 11.9-inch center display, which is oriented towards portraits, can be tilted so that it can be seen when the top is down. Naturally, the infotainment system features the most up-to-date MBUX operating system, which includes features like the “Hey, Mercedes” digital assistant. Multicontour seats that are active and massage are standard, as is Mercedes’s Airscarf neck-level heating as well as (in the case of the SL63) an up-to-date head-up display.

2022 Mercedes-AMG SL Interior
2022 Mercedes-AMG SL Interior

In addition to the groovy SL65 AMG Black Series, the most famous SL was the R129 generation that was at the time an impressive feat of technology. The latest model also ramps up the technological quotient by providing the full range of Mercedes driver assistance features for the SL. This includes augmented video navigation Distonic Plus with stop-and-go as well as active steering assist with automated lane change as well as automated parking for parallel or perpendicular spaces. Active brake assist is also able to detect oncoming traffic while turning. A new exit warning system alerts the occupants leaving the car to vehicles coming from behind.


The under the hood, underneath, the SL is devoid of the twin-turbo V-6 to make room for two V-8s. The M117 V-8 that is in the SL55 has 469 horsepower as well as 516 pounds of torque. The SL63 version has 577 horsepower and 590 lbs of torque and comes with an active engine mount. In either car, the custom-built engine is coupled to an eight-speed AMG Speedshift MCT automatic transmission and a Race Start launch control feature. Mercedes has an estimated zero-to-60-mph speed for the SL55 of 3.8 seconds for SL55 or 3.5 minutes for the SL63. Jochen Hermann who is the chief technology director for Mercedes-AMG says that the brand new SL will also include Mercedes-AMG’s E Performance plug-in-hybrid system. This is a combination of the 4.0-liter V-8 engine with an electric motor to power the rear wheels. It is expected to provide as high as 800 horsepower and 738 pounds-feet of torque.

In addition to all-wheel drive, four-wheel steering is also available in the SL for the first time and is also available. The system reduces the circle of turning by about one and a half feet up to 40.4 feet. An electronically controlled, limited-slip back differential is included for the SL63 and is an option with the SL55. Ceramic-composite brake rotors can be added as an option. The SL features adaptive dampers, as well as hydraulic roll stabilization in the place of bars for anti-roll in the SL63 (optionally available on SL55). A front-axle lift option will elevate the front end of the car by 1.2 inches. It can be programmed to recall the location (such as a hilly driveway) and then activate it automatically. By adding all-wheel drive and switching to two-plus-two seating, the curb weight is increased by about 220 pounds.


Despite the performance improvements, however, the R232 SL will never get back its status as the top-of-the-line roadster of the brand because it is required to be just below that of the AMG GT roadster. Instead, it should become a more grand touring vehicle, hence the rear seats as well as all-wheel drive. This will help scoop the buyers who may have been interested in the S-class convertible.

2022 Mercedes-AMG SL Release Date & Price

Prices of  2022 Mercedes-AMG SL have not been revealed, however, we believe that the SL55’s base sticker will be less than $100,000, while the SL63 will cost around 20 percent higher. The new SL is expected to be in the dealerships at the beginning of 2022. This is when we’ll determine if it can regain its status as a symbol of success on the road.