2022 Lucid Air First Drive Review

2022 Lucid Air – It’s only an hour more before the moment when the initial 2022 Lucid Air all-electric production car will officially roll off the line of assembly at Lucid’s manufacturing facility located in Casa Grande, Arizona. A part of the facility is being closed off in celebration of the event and is adorned with nightclub-style music and lighting, however, there’s a hint of tension that’s lingering.

2022 Lucid Air
2022 Lucid Air

2022 Lucid Air Review

I’m sitting with Eric Bach, Lucid’s senior vice president and chief engineer who has probably been anticipating this moment for quite a while. Lucid’s road to commercialization isn’t riskier than some of the other newcomers to the field of electric vehicles however there’s no doubt of it being a difficult task, but it’s still a daunting one. Simply doing what it takes isn’t enough. In a constantly growing field of EV products, getting the attention of potential buyers is becoming harder every day. Lucid is a great application, however. If you’re reading this, you have heard about Air’s top-of-the-line EPA range of 520 miles, a figure Tesla promised to reach using its Model S Plaid but ultimately failed to achieve. There are a variety of elements that affect the efficiency of a car One point that stood out to me on my tour through the facility was Lucid’s claim the drive motors it uses are three times as powerful as the units of their rivals. I wanted to know from Bach what made it feasible for Lucid to develop technology that is almost certainly ahead of the current standards in the industry.


TOther OEMs take a look at the options available at their supplier and then say, ‘Oh, we have an engine with 250 kW available from Bosch. In the case of our next-generation car, we can add 10 percent more on the top and ask for a 275-kW model.’ Bosch can’t just increase its current output by three times! Everyone is a slave to benchmarks, which is why they slowly build up their systems. Instead, we opted for employing the best scientists in fields such as thermal design, electromagnetic design, and mechanical design. We instructed them to build something new from the beginning and achieve something that other companies do not.”

2022 Lucid Air Redesign
2022 Lucid Air Redesign

It’s not difficult to dig into the depths when discussing the design of an EV’s powertrain with an engineer. Moreover, the majority of the most important components are under locking and key. The result is that Lucid examined the possibilities available and decided to make it better on its own. The decision led the company on an uneasy route to production, but to be noticed, you have to stand out. While my time at the steering wheel of Lucid’s Air Dream Edition Range earlier the day was short–we’re talking about 10 minutes in the Arizona desert Keep this in mind when you read reviews from other publications that attended the same event–it was enough to remind me that Lucid is on the verge of doing exactly this. With a truly luxurious design and world-class technology for powertrains, The Air Dream Edition Range has an impressive opening shot. But the price and a generally conservative design could place Lucid in a difficult position to persuade high-end EV buyers to steer clear from the more established brands.


The exterior style isn’t very attractive, but details such as the light blade that runs upfront which houses the vehicle’s cameras as well as the lidar system inside the frame to conceal what could be unattractive warts on the front of the vehicle–help to provide the car an authentically futuristic appearance without resorting to gimmicks. Details like the smooth metal strip that extends from the A-pillar’s back towards the C-pillar give an elegant look than athletic, although small details such as the integrated spoiler on the clamshell-style decklid on the rear suggest the car’s speed capabilities.


The Air does not have the thrill and awe that the Mercedes-Benz EQS with its range of displays, however premium materials, and the curved 34-inch screen (which features a variety of functions that are quick-access on the left side, the digital gauge cluster at the center, and the main information screen to the right) can go a long way to make the cabin look as modern and premium but with a familiar layout.

2022 Lucid Air Interior
2022 Lucid Air Interior


The additional, portrait-oriented screen in the center console offers access to climate controls as well as other settings in the vehicle. However, you can also use the physical controls to control HVAC, audio as well as the DreamDrive advanced driver assistance system. Lucid’s debut production car is available in a range of trims. The first is the base model which is simply known as the Air. Its price starts at $77,400 including destination charges, the basic, single-motor Air has a claimed of 480 horsepower and is expected to have an estimated EPA distance that is 406 miles. The very top of the Air range is The Dream Editions. Two variants will be available in this article including the Dream Edition Performance with 1,111 horsepower along with the 525-mile Dream Edition Range, which has 933 horsepower.


After an excursion around the plant, Lucid allowed me to ride an excursion on the Air Dream Edition Range for an excursion around the block, with an official shotgun rider. It’s located about an hour to the south to Phoenix within Arizona’s Arizona desert Casa Grande’s sprawling expanses of tarmac that is straight and flat aren’t the ideal place to test the Air’s handling capabilities to the test. However, it provided numerous opportunities to swing the hammer. The three modes of the Air’s drive include Smooth, Swift, and Sprint that translate into Comfort, Sport, and Sport Plus in traditional terms. The smooth mode makes the adaptive dampers at a low level as well as the steering light as well as accelerator and brake pedal sensitivity is low.

The Air also has a limit on its output at 670 horsepower however, even in its most relaxed configuration it Air did not have any issues slamming the top of my head into the headrest following the 40-mph speed mark and triple-digit speeds were attainable quickly. Like many EVs, they can be deafening. Air’s quiet cabin keeps out the bulk of road noise. Moreover, the stark Arizona desert isn’t equipped with an abundance of visual clues which give you a true feeling of the speed you’re traveling. Many times I was unsure whether the speedometer measured kilometers instead of miles. It wasn’t. Moving to Swift makes the suspension more rigid and adds more weight onto the steering and increases pedal the sensitivity, however, the horsepower output stays identical to Smooth mode. To get the full 933 horsepower from the airstream edition R’s engines the car should be switched to Sprint mode, and then go through a battery conditioning process. With a limited amount of time to drive to experience the powertrain to its maximum potential wasn’t possible. However, even in its basic condition, the Lucid Air feels every bit as fast in straight lines as the Porsche Taycan Turbo S.

There were only a few turns during our trip which allowed me to set a decent level of steering angle when I was driving that are more than 20 miles per hour. With the weight of more than five thousand pounds, it’s clear that the Air isn’t going to be a target to compete with those Caymans or Miatas all over the world however it does feel like a car can feel stable due because of its low-center-of-gravity design, its all-wheel-drive grip as well as Pirelli P Zero performance tires. Bach’s claim the extensive tests were conducted on racetracks such as Laguna Seca, Sonoma, and Thunderhill could be a sign of good things to come for the next more substantial experience with the Air and the Air, which Lucid said was coming shortly.

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What’s evident is that Lucid will become more than just a manufacturer of electric vehicles. However, sooner than later the thrill that is instant torque begins to become familiar, while battery tech will attain the point that range will no longer be a concern. A one-upmanship approach to numbers isn’t going to be enough at this moment, and I cannot imagine whether there’s enough distinctive character, in this case, to keep the momentum going when the EV honeymoon has ended.

Once the novelty of driving them fades, EVs admittedly all do operate pretty similarly. At some point, automakers will have to go beyond the instant-torque party trick and come up with solutions that are more substantial and also take advantage of electric powertrains, and also demonstrate other technologies that might not be possible using the ICE configuration. At the moment, it appears to me that Rivian R1T is a good example of that. Rivian R1T is an excellent illustration of this. What Lucid needs to do to differentiate itself apart from its established competitors like Tesla and Porsche, and also to justify its price is to provide buyers with an experience it’s not available elsewhere. If Lucid wanted to show off its powertrain in this first 10-minute drive test it is evident that that part of the car does accomplish exactly what Lucid says it can do. The 34-inch display is unusual and intriguing, as well. It will take a while to determine what the Air’s unique characteristic is and whether its design decisions are innovative or just gimmicky obviously. However, for the moment it’s the most recent high-end EV with a space-age feel that’s waiting to grab a piece from the cake.