2022 Lucid Air Dream Edition Exclusive First Drive

2022 Lucid Air Dream Edition – Tape measure in hand Lucid the CEO Peter Rawlinson is in the driver’s side footwell of the business’s Air Dream, measuring the distance from the brake pedal to the back seatback. It’s a new dimension Rawlinson was an ex- Lotus as well as Tesla engineer, utilizes to measure the interior space and he’s determined to show that his new electric car has met one of its goals. The design of Lucid’s initial car which is only reaching customers was the result of two objectives the company set for itself: It will be as spacious as the Mercedes-Benz S class, and it’s designed to perform as the handling of a Lotus. The tape’s metal cracks when it is bent across the cabin. Then we’re given an approximate number: 83.1 inches, just a bit more than what was measured in the S-class.

2022 Lucid Air Dream Edition
2022 Lucid Air Dream Edition

We’ve driven this 1111-hp Air Dream P (the P stands to stand for Performance). With a weight of 5200 pounds, It’s not going to shuffle-step like Lotus. Lotus however the Air is a spirited driver. The feedback that flows through your fingers allows you to spot variations in the pavement type.

2022 Lucid Air Dream Edition Review


The chassis, while not revolutionary, has a multilink that includes coil springs, adjustable dampers, as well as anti-roll bars at both the front and back. There are no air springs or active anti-roll bars or rear-wheel steering The Air is a natural and reliable vehicle as it rips corners. The speed of driving is simple, and so is testing the limits of the specially-designed Pirelli P Zero Z4 Elect tires. The three-position dampers don’t create harshness, even in their most aggressive settings.  A low center of gravity is a consequence that is a result of the battery inside the floor that increases the structure’s strength in aluminum as well as keeping body movements within control. The Air may not be an as slick and unfiltered taste as the Lotus however, for an extremely heavy car that is comfortable to drive It is well-connected and safe on a thrilling road.


Rawlinson’s plans didn’t include Bugatti-like acceleration however, it’s there. Choose Sprint mode to activate both motors’ 1111 horsepower capability (they’re restricted to 784) The acceleration can be so strong that it makes your ear a little sluggish. A single spritz of the accelerator will bring you triple-digit speeds. We’d expect a time of 60 mph between 2 and 3 seconds and the quarter-mile could be as fast as 10 seconds. The maximum speed is set at the speed of 168 miles per hour. The careful adjustment of the aerodynamics yields an extremely low 0.20 coefficient of drag. At the speeds of a highway, it is possible to hear a roaring rush of air is heard as it passes through the A-pillars. While it’s not a nuisance, however, the Lucid isn’t as quiet to the ears as Mercedes-Benz’s EQS electric, which is said to be as smooth.

Lucid didn’t include any artificial sounds in the car therefore the sound you hear when you accelerate is the sound of the motor. The radial-flux rear and front motors are identical and each weighs just 163 pounds. They’re the main reason the way Lucid was able to squeeze S-class size inside the car that has a 116.5-inch wheelbase–10.1 inches less than the S-class, and the 195.9-inch length. Inside is a gorgeous combination consisting of leather Alcantara as well as an Alpaca mix. Interior fittings are excellent but the small knobs to control the audio system and adaptive cruise were a bit shaky which Lucid promises to correct before the start of sales.

2022 Lucid Air Dream Edition Specs
2022 Lucid Air Dream Edition Specs

Every one of these 22 batteries includes 5.4 Kilowatt-hours, which weighs 51.8 pounds which is 9.7 pounds for each kilowatt-hour. Its batteries come with the capacity of 118.0-kWh capacity, while smaller models have a 112.0-kWh pack. The lid of the battery packs carries coolant onto the cells. Lucid’s engineers claim their method will be more stable than Tesla’s.

Charging System

Although the Air Dream Range model on 19-inch wheels offers the capacity of 520 miles EPA range and the Air Dream P on 21s has 451 miles. Charging the battery using a 300-kW DC line can bring the battery’s battery between 10 and 80 percent in just 20 minutes. The 19.2-kW charger onboard will refill the battery in less than 7 hours, provided that the energy source for it is strong enough.

2022 Lucid Air Dream Edition Redesign
2022 Lucid Air Dream Edition Redesign

2022 Lucid Air Dream Edition Verdict

It’s all too amazing to be true. A car with 1111 horsepower that is class-leading in range and tons of smart technologies and solutions for a first car? If the customers who paid their $170,500 get actual miles on the road, we’ll see the tenacity of this company which almost went bankrupt in pursuit of the Dream and will be successful. If the things we observed and drove in the real world, we’d suggest it won’t fade out of thin air.