2022 Genesis G80 Sport First Drive Review

2022 Genesis G80 Sport – Last year, the Genesis G80 was all-new from the beginning. With two powerful turbo engines and the latest version of the Genesis design language, we found plenty to love within the Korean automaker’s latest generation of luxurious mid-size sedan. All we needed was an extra bit of athleticism. We must have tapped the right spot, as for 2022 our desire has fulfilled in form of the all-new G80 Sport.

2022 Genesis G80 Sport

2022 Genesis G80 Sport

The more responsive handling is the top of the list of improvements. For the Prestige trim we tested the adaptive suspension gets unique tuning that stiffens the rear and front dampers to increase their stiffness by four percent and twelve percent respectively. With the new Summer-tire options ($500) The Sport is definitely more exciting. Speeding through curly roads with tree lines close to the inland portion from and along the Central California coast, we were impressed by its improved agility in the curves.

2022 Genesis G80 Sport Performance

The credit also goes also to Sport Prestige model’s rear-wheel steering that turns the wheels in a phase that is above 37 mph in order to provide better stability and control. At lower speeds, they’ll rotate to the other direction, varying about 2 degrees. The turning radius is almost two feet smaller because of this, with the complete circle taking an incredibly slim 36.2 feet. One thing we didn’t want for AWD is now available for all G80 Sport. Since each V-6 powered G80 is now one of the G80 Sport this means that if you’re looking for rear-wheel drive, then you’ll have opt for the 300 horsepower turbocharged 2.5-liter four-cylinder version. A bit unsportsmanlike, if we are asking us. Yet genies are famous for their unintentional interpretations.

The twin-turbo engine with 375 horsepower at least 3.5-liter V-6 is still a formidable and capable partner. Its maximum force of 391 lbs is accessible between 1300 and 4500 rpm, providing the necessary power in almost any scenario. Its midrange performance is where it really excels, offering a punch of smooth power when required and a pleasant low-pitched growl. Its engine note is enhanced electronically by its speakers and, of course, we love the option to shut it off completely. Pay attention, BMW.

Although we are disappointed by the absence of a rear-wheel drive model that is truly rear-wheel driven however, the AWD system can transfer all of the engine’s power towards the back wheels. The eight-speed auto is responsive, although the tiny shift paddles need an extended reach and leave you wanting more fingers. The only feature that is exclusive on it is that the Prestige trim is the Sport+ mode that features an extremely fast shift pattern, a real manual mode, and more tolerant stabilization control. Anyone who is seeking the pink slips of Friday night will appreciate the inclusion of launch control. Pick your opponents with care but. In our earlier tests, the 4321-pound 2021 G80 equipped with rear-wheel drive only managed an 4.9-second time to reach 60.

New Design

The attractive sheetmetal gets an injection of steroidal mildness on each end. In on the front the lower valance is tucked up to either side of the center to give it an imposing look. Its rear bumper is well-sculpted, with hefty cutouts that let you see the patches of contact between tires. The color palette is more vibrant, including Siberian Ice and Cavendish Red which is said to be is influenced by the rubicund clay from Prince Edward Island.

2022 Genesis G80 Sport Interior

2022 Genesis G80 Sport Interior


Inside, brighter colors and materials carry on the theme of sportiness. Metal-finished pedals add bling beneath your feet. Carbon-fiber or aluminum trim is a substitute for wood in the cabin, while the new steering wheel comes with three spokes instead of the usual two. The herringbone pattern of seat backs has been raised to 11 featuring sharply-ribbed lines converge in a V-shaped ejection point. If they are dressed in black or red with contrast stitching, the design evokes a vintage alien-like form that those who loved the 1983 mini-series V will enjoy. These “ergo motion” seats trade the prods and pokes of traditional massage with subtle and constant movements designed to softly stimulate the muscles in the back. The touch-sensitive seat controls extremely helpful simply by placing a finger over a switch will show its function in the 14.5-inch touchscreen.

Although the display may be somewhat out of reach for casual users the console-mounted rotary control is very easy to master. It is a bit odd that the wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity isn’t available in light of its widespread availability on less expensive Hyundai models. Additionally, features previously considered optional are now available as standard features, including heated steering wheels as well as the rear seats, a surround-view camera, as well as the impressive 21 speaker Lexicon sound system. The upgrades, no matter how minor could be a waste of time on a market that is which is becoming increasingly driven by SUVs. Within their brief time being on the market these two models GV70 as well as the GV80 have already been able to command around 60% of Genesis sales. However, reps for Genesis claim that the SUVs have created a halo effect for the other products in the lineup by attracting new buyers to Genesis. The fact that they offer a viable sedan option is a key component of the lineup that they say and justify the purchase of the G80 just one year after its debut.

2022 Genesis G80 Sport Specs

2022 Genesis G80 Sport Specs

2022 Genesis G80 Sport Price & Release Date

The brand new G80 Sport adds spark to an already stunning package. Its beginning price at $64,495, that the G80 Sport is a viable rival to the six-cylinder offerings of Audi, BMW, and Mercedes.