2022 Ferrari SF90 Stradale Release Date in the USA

2022 Ferrari SF90 Stradale – Italian sports car iconic Ferrari isn’t always the first name that pops into your thoughts when it comes to plug-in hybrid engines and it’s the 2022 SF90 Stradale as well as Spider models feature an electrified configuration featuring 986 horsepower. When we tried one out in the race at Indianapolis Motor Speedway, we measured a time from zero to 60 mph of only 2.0 seconds, making it the fastest car to reach 60 mph we’ve ever tried. Let’s see if your Hyundai Ioniq or Toyota Prius Prime plug-ins achieve this. The SF90 provides a blistering acceleration and incredible handling, it also comes with the most luxurious interior, lined with fine leather, and decorated with many amenities. If you’re one of the fortunate few that can afford its half-million-dollar cost this Ferrari is likely well worth the price.

2022 Ferrari SF90 Stradale
2022 Ferrari SF90 Stradale

2022 Ferrari SF90 Stradale Review

Both models have sufficient amenities to make them an excellent choice for buyers within this price range We’d recommend the drop-top Spider model. If you’re looking to add some flair to this Ferrari an individualized look you can pick from a wide range of options for upholstery. There are additionally several wheel designs. The list of upgrades available includes carbon-fiber-based components as well as titanium exhaust pipes. a digital rearview mirror, and brake calipers with a variety of hues.

Engine and Performance

With the SF90 it is powered by a massive V-8 and three electric motors. The 4.0-liter twin-turbocharged V-8 produces 769 horsepower when it is on its own while the trio of electric motors produces an additional 217 horsepower. The electric and gas powertrains produce a total performance of 986 horsepower as well as 590 lb-ft torque. The power is distributed to the four wheels, making it an early mid-engine Ferrari equipped with all-wheel drive. An eight-speed auto transmission manages the process. Like you’d expect, all the power is reflected in explosive acceleration. Ferrari’s official estimation is that the car will go from 0 up to 60mph in just 2.5 seconds. Our testing confirmed this number to be overly optimistic since the SF90 was able to reach 60 mph in only 2.0 seconds. This is something never before has a production car achieved before. Different driving modes enable you to modify the car’s performance to your personal preferences. The options include EV Only Hybrid, Performance, and last but certainly not the least, Qualify, a mode that lets you maximize the performance of your car capabilities.

2022 Ferrari SF90 Stradale Redesign
2022 Ferrari SF90 Stradale Redesign

Fuel Economy and Real-World MPG

It is estimated that the EPA suggests that the SF90 Stradale coupe could achieve 18 mpg when operating only on gasoline, and at least 51 MPGe when using the gasoline engine and electric motors. We haven’t tried this SF90 in our highway at 75 mph fuel-economy road as an element of our testing routine which is why we’re unable to determine its actual mpg. For more details about the SF90’s efficiency in the fuel tank visit the EPA’s site.


The interior of the SF90 is simple with the yellow prancing-horse logo providing a splash of color in the central portion of the wheel. The two-seater coupe features a sleek dashboard, with flowing lines that echo the flowing lines of the exterior. With the latest high-performance models, the cargo space is often limited. This is the situation with the SF90 that offers around three cubic feet for your items.

Infotainment and Connectivity

All SF90 models have an LCD screen in front, as well as a six-speaker audio system. The car comes with standard technology features like Bluetooth phone, live streaming of audio and traffic as well as a built-in navigation system that includes a voice activation feature. Apple CarPlay connectivity is also available however Android Auto isn’t on the list of features available.

2022 Ferrari SF90 Stradale Review
2022 Ferrari SF90 Stradale Review


Hypercars aren’t generally recognized for their wide range of driver-assistance options which is also the case for the SF90. Features like a blind-spot warning system aren’t included. For more information on the SF90’s crash test results go to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) websites. The most important safety features are:

  • Standard backup camera
  • Rear parking sensors that have standard features.

2022 Ferrari SF90 Stradale Release Date & Price

The estimated launch date of Ferrari SF90 Stradale in the USA is November 2021 The expected Global Price ranges from $510,000 and $600,000. Find the most current price from Ferrari SF90 Stradale 2022 Price in the USA and detailed specifications, features, and comparison Ferrari SF90 Stradale 2022 Prices Specifications and Features including up to 3 items.