2022 Cadillac CTV-5 Blackwing Is The Last Performance V8 Manual Super Sedan

2022 Cadillac CTV-5 Blackwing – The Escalade SUV might be the one to bring in the sales however Cadillac’s V-Series cars earned the respect of the American premium brand, which was often laughed at or discarded. They came with the CTS-V which was in 2008 the first car in production to cross the 8-minute speed time at Germany’s famed Nurburgring circuit.

2022 Cadillac CTV-5 Blackwing
2022 Cadillac CTV-5 Blackwing

2022 Cadillac CTV-5 Blackwing Review

The CT5-V Blackwing is the direct descendant of these record-breaking sedans. It’s also better in some ways, immediately claiming as one of the most powerful and most capable four-doors for racing. It’s also enjoyable. As in wedding-blowout, conga-line, everybody-in-the-pool fun.


For proof, Cadillac turned me loose at Virginia International Speedway, a thrilling track perfectly suited to the Blackwing’s abilities. The track is equipped with a stunning 6-68 horsepower supercharged V8 engine with a top speed is more than 200 miles per hour (I was able to reach 152 mph on the longest straight of VIR) and a charming personality. There’s even a basic 6-speed manual transmission that is sure to delight those who are unable to locate a stick shift in the current showrooms.

Cadillac insists that the CT5V Blackwing as well as its CT4-V Blackwing version is the only car powered by gasoline to sport its V-Series label of performance. From now on, all Hot-rod Cadillac will be driven solely and quietly, with electricity. Combustion and consumption aside–premium-unleaded economy can drop to 11 or 12 mpg during hard driving–the Caddy is no Neanderthal. Cadillac engineers made all the noise to create this car that is the last dance by scouring General Motors’ stores to find the best technology that can go fast. This 6.2-liter engine is Swiss-watch stuff but it sounds like a Nascar lover at Talladega. It’s an adaptation of Corvette ZR1. Corvette ZR1, now with high-end features, like the titanium intake valves.

The Cadillac CT5-V Blackwing follows its “one man, one engine” principle, borrowed with Mercedes’ AMG division. One master builder is responsible for the assembly of each Blackwing V8, and they also have an official engine plaque that demonstrates the quality of their work. A 10-speed automatic transmission is available, Cadillac claims deliver quicker shifts than Porsche’s highly praised PDK transmission. It’s true or not but there was no doubt with the car’s quick gear shifts when you press VIR, regardless of swiping the shift paddles, or by putting it into “Drive” and letting the car take care of the rest.


The driver-adjustable Magnetic Ride Control is billed as the fastest-reacting suspension system in the world which was recently adopted by Ferrari as well as other manufacturers of supercars. In its current 4.0 version, the shock absorbers contain “magnetorheological” fluid. Magnetic fields interact with the metal particles embedded in the fluid to instantly adjust the firmness of the shock on any of the four wheels, based on information collected from accelerometers as well as other sensors. The suspension can monitor the road and responds in milliseconds permitting drivers to adjust the settings from a comfortable cruise to full-bore performance.

2022 Cadillac CTV-5 Blackwing Specs
2022 Cadillac CTV-5 Blackwing Specs

Performance Traction Management (PTM) is another great option, featuring five different modes that can be selected to improve the car’s performance for drivers of all skill levels and the desired level of safety supervision. In comparison to previous models with PTM such as those from the Chevrolet Corvette, there’s a basic improvement: a simple, Ferrari-like lever located on the steering wheel that allows you to alter settings on screen, rather than the incredibly complicated push-button system that was previously in use. (The 12 inches of the driver’s display works well, but it looks a bit sloppy particularly when compared to the whiz-bang technology like those from Mercedes, Audi, or even Genesis). If it’s memories from a road trip or intense track laps, this Performance Data Recorder combines its GPS antenna with an ultra-high-resolution camera to record audio and video onto the SD card. GPS-based track laps of video are overlayed with graphic information on a variety of performance parameters, including track position speed, speed, g-forces, and much more. It’s all aided by Cosworth racing software, which lets users analyze laps in fine detail, and find out what they can do to improve. (For those with a hooligan style There will be a lot of these areas).


A standard CT5 chassis is bolstered and stiffened all over naturally. Strong bracing thinks of an automobile corset to prevent the strut towers from breaking and connect them to the engine. The sexy aerodynamic body parts and body shaping underbody ensure the stability and balance of high-speed speed. Even the grille’s V-shaped grille is specifically designed to increase the flow of air and cool. The optional packages can render these parts of the body with carbon fiber. Carbon-ceramic brakes as an option are the first of their kind for Cadillac. They remove 55 pounds of “unsprung weight” from the Blackwing which is a significant gain to dial into exact handling. To justify the additional $9,200 cost, its rotors will last the entire life of the car without a plethora of brake dust to scrub. Whatever model you choose is worth the investment. Brembo brakes are extremely robust, and never succumb to fade, even after hours of speedy laps in the scorching heat of VIR.

For a glimpse of this car’s strict standards, think about that the Michelin Pilot Sport 4S tires wrapped around sinister-looking 19-inch wheels in the form of forged aluminum, or the case of magnesium. Michelin has developed a compound of rubber exclusive to its two Blackwings, which includes a small CT4V Blackwing. Cadillac engineers tried 30 variations of the Michelin tire, testing, tweaking, and seeking better, and finally being happy with the performance of the tire.

2022 Cadillac CTV-5 Blackwing Pricing

While on a road trip that featured an excellent European-style cafe or crepe restaurant at Graham, North Carolina, the Cadillac’s Touring mode helped it feel as soft and smooth as a luxury sedan. But push the pedal, then the CT5-V Blackwing unleashes its self-described Mr. Hyde, to the extent of a 3.4-second acceleration up to 60 mph, or 3.6 seconds for an automatic transmission. The most significant issue for the CT5-V is its capacity to overpower public roads, which it shares with muscle and sports automobiles that have 600, 800, and more than 1,000 horsepower. As it sped through country roads with a dazzling speed The Blackwing often felt sleepy. If you don’t have access to the track or even 10,000 acres of Wyoming It’s not easy to find roads that the Cadillac can run around without risking the license or life. For many buyers or drivers with a limited budget, the CT4-V Blackwing that comes with 474-horsepower twin-turbo V6 engine it’s the best option for $59,990.

The CT5-V Blackwing begins at $25,000 more with a price of $84,990. $88,165 with an auto transmission. Fully loaded models cost $125,890. It’s a significant amount more than a BMW M3 or Mercedes-AMG C63. However, it’s significantly less expensive than a high-end BMW M5 or Mercedes-AMG E63 but neither will match the Cadillac’s power and top speed, or overall performance.

2022 Cadillac CTV-5 Blackwing Interior
2022 Cadillac CTV-5 Blackwing Interior


Like every CT5 The only limitations are the luxury and packaging. It would be nice if the cabin of the Cadillac was as sophisticated as the technology beneath its skin. The shifter wand is not as impressive as the impressive performance of the automatic transmission. The cheapskate lever is at the right place in the car rental Chevy Malibu. A touchscreen of 8 inches is a long way behind the premium curve in terms of size as well as graphics and elegant integration. The interior space of the trunk is also cramped with 11.9 cubic feet. A Honda Civic is bigger. The Blackwing’s interior changes enhance the CT5’s basic look. The sporty seats, which are perfectly adjustable torso and thigh bolster – great for racing but not so snazzy as to be ineffective for everyday entry and exit–are an interior feature. Particularly with the latest Nappa leather and carbon-fiber seatbacks, which evoke exotic supercars. A nicely-crafted steering wheel covered in soft faux suede is adorned with a number plate to mark its build sequence in the Blackwings.