2022 BMW i4 eDrive40 First Drive Review

2022 BMW i4 eDrive40 – BMW is not a one-to-be-averse to electric models (see the funky i3 and the wildly designed i8 to prove it) The 2022 i4 sedan adds to the company’s range of electric vehicles. It is based on its predecessor, the Bavarian automaker’s most well-known model called the 3-series, the i4 is a four-door with a low profile similar to the similar-sized 4 series Gran Coupe. It’s a rival to its rivals, the Polestar 2 and Tesla Model 3, and the Model 3 among others. The eDrive40 model has an electric motor mounted on the rear producing 335 horsepower. Meanwhile, the M50 comes with a motor at the front that generates 536 horses total. Both models come with an 80.7-kWh battery, however, while the rear-drive model has an estimated range of about 300 miles. However, the all-wheel-drive i4 has 245 miles of range.

2022 BMW i4 Sedan

2022 BMW i4 Sedan

2022 BMW i4 eDrive40 New Design

The BMW i4 is an all-new electric car that is anticipated to be able to compete with models like the Tesla Model 3 and other mid-sized EV sedans when it is available for sale in early or mid-2022. Although it appears that the German automaker has released the initial costs for the eDrive40 as well as the M50 which is more powerful but we’re waiting for the full list of available and standard features. When the information becomes accessible, we’ll be able to advise which i4 to get and what you can do with it.

Engine and Performance

The 2022 i4 transmits electrons to two or one electric motors depending on the model. The eDrive40 has a single motor located on the rear axle, which produces 335 horsepower. The M50 includes two electric motors on the axles that together offer all-wheel drive, producing 536 horsepower, and 586 pounds-feet. The increased power can result in lower acceleration times between 0 and 60 mph being claimed to take 3.7 minutes. The rear-drive i4 is mounted on standard 18-inch rims, while 19-inch wheels are available as an option. In contrast, the all-wheel-drive M50 is equipped with the 20s or 19s and features adjustable dampers as well as a variable-ratio steering system. The i4 M50 we tested provided immediate and powerful thrust, and even though it weighs a lot higher than the M3 it’s a smaller center of gravity that lets it move smoothly and effortlessly.

Range, Charging, and Battery Life

BMW claims that the single-motor rear-drive i4 eDrive40 can be said to travel for up to 300 miles with a fully charged battery. The dual-motor, all-wheel-drive M50 is equipped with the identical 80.7-kWh battery, however, its advertised range is around 245 miles. The i4 is also believed to come with a 200-kW charge capacity, which can increase the range between 8 and 108 miles in only 10 minutes. Utilizing the level 2 (up 10 kW) built-in charger, the i4 can replenish its battery from 0% to 100% in just 8 hours.

2022 BMW i4 Sedan Specs

2022 BMW i4 Sedan Specs

Fuel Economy and Real-World MPG

If we can get an i4 to test we’ll drive it along the highway at 75 mph that is part of our comprehensive testing program, to test its efficiency in the real world. For more information on the i4’s efficiency rating, go to this page on the EPA website.


The interior of the i4 is lavishly furnished, with the option in rose gold trimming as well as white leather upholstery as well as light wood trimming. The overall layout is similar to that found within different BMW models, however, the i4-alongside the all-electric iX SUV is the first to feature a huge screen that covers nearly half of the display. The four-door i4 features an impressive rear roofline that resembles the coupe-style, however, it features a trunk that is traditional to the back.

Infotainment and Connectivity

The i4 is among the very first BMWs equipped with the company’s modern infotainment and connectivity options. It’s called iDrive 8, it operates with the 14.9-inch touchscreen, which is integrated into the 12.3-inch display of digital instruments, which is the huge, curved display located in the instrument panel. Along with a rotary control located on the center console, the system comes with advanced voice commands, as well as numerous well-known features. They include Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and a Wi-Fi hotspot.

2022 BMW i4 Sedan Interior

2022 BMW i4 Sedan Interior


The 2022 i4 is a vehicle that comes with a wide range of driver-assistance options, both standard, and optional technology. For more information on the results of the crash test go to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) websites. The most important safety features are:

  • Automatic forward-collision warnings and emergency brakes
  • Lane-keeping aid
  • Accessible adaptive cruise controls, including stop-and-go technology

2022 BMW i4 eDrive40 Price & Release Date

If it is released in the year to come it will be next year, the 2022 BMW i4 eDrive40 will begin at $56,395, which includes $995 for delivery, but not including local and federal rebates. The more robust i4 M50 is priced at $66,895. Pricing for the various options will be announced nearer to the time of launch and will be reflected in the final EPA range figures.

The i4 has lots to offer, however, you can also say that it’s a bit and too late shortly when it is due to launch in 2022. The competition, including Polestar 2 and the Tesla Model 3 and Polestar 2 already outdo the BMW in several ways. the number of ways. And newcomers such as those from the Hyundai Ioniq 5, and Kia EV6 bring a lot to the tabletop. See how these EVs are compared on paper, and make sure to take a look at our test drive of the i4 M50’s prototype, too.