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How to reset service engine soon light on a 2008 Infiniti g35xs – Skip to content. Buy. Used Cars; New Cars ; Certified Cars … How to reset 2003 infinity g35 sedan service engine light. 2003 INFINITI G35 Sedan RWD with Leather -Maintenance & Repair. 2008 infiniti G35 loosing acceleration in the middle of driving on the highway slip light vdc off light and check engine

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You cannot reset the light, some people think that by disconnecting the battery you reset the ECM, as that may work on Fords or Chevy, it doesn’t work on Infinitis. If the engine light came on because of a loose or missing gas cap, then once the cap is tightened past three clicks, the light will go off on its own.

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What you may notice when Infiniti service engine soon light comes on is that the engine shakes, but other symptoms include: Rough running Engine Misfire or juddering Lack of power Poor throttle response Unusual sounds Smoke from the exhaust Any of these symptoms indicate that your engine is not running as it should.

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2006 Infiniti g35 service engine soon light is on as well as VDC and SLID warning nlights.I changed the battery a few ago and found the negative cable to be a little loose so I tightened it as well as removed the fuel cap to make sure it was on tight . Submitted: 10 years ago. Category: Infiniti. Show More. Show Less. Ask Your Own Infiniti Question. Share this conversation. …

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First thing to check is the gas cap. Loose gas cap will cause the service light to lit up. Usually the car will run for about 100 miles or so before the light goes away, but you can also, reset the ECU by checking this site.